Negotiation Phrases 3

1. Making offers and compromising If you order a certain amount now, we can give you a reasonable discount. Since you are an important customer of us, only for this time we can give a 10% discount extra. We’d be prepared to offer you an exceptional price if you increased the order. If you order between the dates ... and Read more

Negotiation Phrases 2

1. Determining the problem Let’s have a look at this matter more deeply! So, what do you think is the reason for this? We had better analyse the issue in detail to see the grounds. 2. Express your opinion I think... / I suppose... Maybe, we can try... It seems to me that we had better... I believe we should... As Read more

Negotiation Phrases 1

1. Opening the Negotiation It's my pleasure to welcome you to ... On behalf of ... I would like to welcome you ... 2. Reviewing the previous session At our last meeting, we discussed ... It would be better to recall the points we agreed on during our last meeting. 3. Moving on to the next point Could we now move on Read more

Business Vocabulary

business eng1 Complete each blank  with the suitable word from the list: distinguish- compete – estimate –reimburse- encounter- negotiate- yield- cope It was difficult to ........................... as the task was very complex. He had so much pressure on him in his job that eventually he just couldn't ............................ It's Read more

Interest Collocations

interest1 interest free banking: It is a fundamental concept derived from the Islamic form of banking. operates with the primitive professional and ethical standards that exclude the “Muslims” from paying or receiving any kind of interest. Interest free banking is more common in Islamic countries. interest account:Savings account Read more