Exam Equivalents

Either centred in the U.K. or in the U.S.A. there are so many exams to measure English level that we all sometimes get confused to find out what those different numbers/levels mean. So here is a table to find the equivalents of the most popular exams. By using this table you can find the equivalent of IELTS results compared Read more

PTE Reading and Listening

PTE111 Reading Multiple-choice, choose single answer: There are short reading passages and there is one multiple-choice question about the text. Only one answer is correct. There are two passages of this kind. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers: There is a longer reading passage and there is one question about it which Read more

PTE Speaking and Writing

pte1 Speaking Read aloud: There are reading passages of three-four sentences (total 5 or six passages) and each of them should be read aloud and recorded by test-takers. They have 35-40 seconds for each passage. Repeat the sentence: The test-takers listen to a recorded sentence and repeat it with exact words as much as possible. Read more


PTE3 PTE is an exam carried out by the international publishing house Pearson and most universities (higher education institutions) in the U.K. and U.S. Tier 4 visa is a kind of visa that international students need for academic purposes in the U.K. If you are applying for entry to a non-degree program, you will need to prove Read more


toec.sınavı1 TOEIC TOEIC abbreviation stands for “Test of English for International Communication”. It is a common test that measures the participants’ English skills. The traditional one measure only two skills: listening and reading; however, ETS the global organizer test is more useful for corporations who wants to assess Read more

TOEFL Practice

toefl.reading3 TOEFL Practice - Reading In reading part of the TOEFL tests your ability to read academic English is measured. This part is important for you. You have to study looking for the main idea. You can do this by reading quickly through a passage. Then you must read more thoroughly to answer the questions. It is not important for Read more


TOEIC Test3 TOEIC Test Toeic Test has 4 sections. These sections include Listening,Reading, Speaking and Writing. Listening section is important for you to measure your abilities in face-to face communication, meetings, podcasts, videoconferencing and telephone conversations. Readingsections helps you to improve yourself in reports, Read more