Speaking Lesson Plan

speak1 With speaking exercises integrated in the course book or with extra speaking exercises; specialized speaking teacher or grammar-oriented course teacher; as English teachers we all want our students to overcome their speaking barriers and become able to naturally use the language features they learn in the lessons. Apart from Read more


simile1 It is a figure of speech in which you compare two unlike things using “like” or “as”. You use express the resemblance of one thing to another while making simile.  Let’s see some simile examples. The photographers clustered round the actress like bees round a honeypot. They treated me very kindly just Read more

Primary Sources

Primary Sources Primary sources provide first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. A primary resource is used to define source material that is closest to the individual, information, date or any idea. A primary source is any piece of information which was created by somebody that Read more

Passive Examples

-Passive voice example sentences- 1.Active: I have been cleaning the house with my mother for two days. Passive: The house has being cleaned by me and my mother for two days. 2.Active: We discussed the problem and found a solution at the end. Passive: The problem was discussed and a soultion was found. 3.Active: Read more

Simple Present Games

  Simple present tense games Game 1: making up a chain story How the game works: The teacher writes a prompt sentence on the board and the students continue the story in turns by saying one sentence at a time. If the subject has just been introduced you can also provide some picture prompts to make the game easier. Read more