Common Typos in Writing

Here is a list of common typos in English. These are the most common typos in English, even the words we think we are  we may be making a mistake. Check this list out to make sure if there are any of them you make as well. The reason for these typos is English pronunciation. Don't you ever forget to check a dictionary if you Read more

Classification Essay

classessay2  There should be only one principle according to your 3 developmental paragraphs. It should cover every single member. 1-      Identify the group 2-     Describe or define the category -          General characteristics of the members of categories -          Establish the category according Read more

English Grammar

grammar3 Does a language occur from only grammar? Some think it does essentially whereas others don’t. Mostly a language seems to be consist of totally grammar but there are other important supportive parts which help a language do four activities – such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. For a learner, it seems to Read more

PERSUASİVE PERSUASIVE ESSAY EXAMPLES You can see two persuasive essay examples in this entry. Why TV shouldn’t been watched by people too much Watching TV is a common habit and experience shared by the world and his wife. It appeals to everyone; it is cheap and reaches to general public. Thus, TV became an important mass Read more

Tricks for Writing an Essay

writing In this essay we simply give you some quick trips for writing an essay. Don’t afraid of what is given to you. The topic should be a topic you find interesting. If your essay topic is open-ended, spare time to research something that is of interest. Specify and narrow down your topic, so it will not too broad to develop Read more

Essay Structure

imgres A writer should have lots of knowledge to create a professional essay. But the first thing to know is the structure of essay. The essay structure doesn’t change and is written according to that.  The essay should basically include an introduction, the body and a conclusion. 1.       Introduction -          This Read more