Şahıs Zamirleri - Personal Pronouns

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
I am telling you. Please listen to !
Murat and Alper are ready. are going to Bursa.
She gets angry very quickly. She can't control .
I know both of well. They have been working here for years.
Look at the car! How clean is!
These are my friends. names are Deniz and Sinem.
It is a nice cat. name is Mırmır.
My nickname is Ley. What is ?
She has got a very good family. parents are teachers.
We work in the same company. company has lots of social activities.
They have got another idea but our solution is more functional than .
You are supposed to do your homework .
He is so desperate. Do you want to help ?
I know him very well. He is an old friend of .
My brother and I have been working on this project and we have done everything .