Geçmiş Zaman II - Present Perfect Tense

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Have you ever to Italia? (be)
2. She her homework. (do)
3. Leyla . (just-arrive)
4. You friend you twice since morning. (call)
5. The patient quite healty for 2 days. (be)
6. The students 5 novels until now. (read)
7. “Leon” is the best movie I . (ever-watch)
8. I my wallet. (lose)
9. It four times this week. (rain)
10. They in İstanbul for 30 years now. (live)
11. My friend a new t-shirt to me. ( buy)
12. They lunch yet. (not, have)
13. The teacher out. ( just-go)
14. You the meal for 1,5 hours. ( prepare)
15. he the letter? ( (send)
16. The little boy his orange juice yet. (drink)
17. I a cabbage. (never-eat)
18. They the homework. (already-do)
19. He so many poems so far. ( write)
20. I that film more than three times. ( see)