Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. I moved İstanbul in 1999.
2. The train went the tunnel.
3. Can you swim the river?
4. He could kick the ball the goal.
5. The moon goes the world.
6. Keep the baby the fire.
7. Would you put the the butter back the fridge?
8. You can't load much this disc since it is almost full.
9. Can you ski that hill?
10. He fell the ladder.
11. Mrs. Aydın is looking the sitting room.
12.She always walk school the house.
13. Hannibal made a famous march the Alps with elephants.
14. You should go the stick in limbo game.
15. Don't go him to learn!
16. I would like to walk the beach.
17. Let's the taxi here.
18. The students stay the teachers and the manager.
19. My brother is climbing a tree now.
20. Will you go the post office?
21. Hurry up! We are supposed to that bus.